Before deepening my transformational journey, my energy was too scattered to fully manifest the things I longed for. The ideal career and dream romantic relationship were hopes that motivated me to begin my journey and participate in life on a deeper level.

Over the last 30+ years I have studied numerous bodies of knowledge that contributed to personal transformation, including: EpiEnergetics, Meditative State Development via Tibetan Buddhism, Integral Theory, Chi Cultivation, Organizational Development, Conscious Language, Somatic Therapy, Altered State Preparation and Integration, Embodiment, Shadow Integration, Activating Intuitive Gnosis, Energy Healing, Deity Yoga, Dream Yoga, and Enhancing Self-Awareness through Typology Systems including Enneagram, Human Design, and Gene Keys.

These practices have reshaped my understanding of the universe, and advanced my talent in synthesizing psycho-spiritual techniques into accessible processes that enable individual and collective transformation.


“EpiEnergetics at some deep level fulfills humanity's desire to be rational magicians.”

“Jonathan Mozenter lives in a place where the hyperrational and mystical worlds meet. He's a bridge between those two worlds.”

Jonathan works with heart centered leaders who are trying to make the world a better place with their innovative ideas. He helps them master their minds and energetics, so that their resources are put towards the highest leverage activities in their life. He teaches them new systems about the nature of reality that greatly improve their abundance in multiple dimensions of their life.

He is a unique being combining EpiEnergetics with Dzogchen/Mahamudra meditations with his MBA and his 25+ year career in Organizational Development. He is a master synthesizer of psycho-spiritual technologies that have practical application in the third dimensional reality. He only works with people who are ready for a deep transformation and want to use that transformation towards the betterment of humans and planet Earth.

Jonathan combines high energy and the esoteric with sharp discernment and wisdom about the patterns of our universe and the mind; giving leading edge leaders exactly the experiences they need to level up. Jonathan is also deeply trained in conscious language, a transpersonal somatic healing called Life Centered Therapy, Chi energy, psychedelics and Integral Theory.



I highly recommend working with Jonathan as an integrative soul mentor. In his work as a mentor, he employs a perfect combination of intellect and heart. He was great at supporting the more vulnerable issues I was struggling with, in a compassionate manner, while at the same time challenging me to see things in new ways. He is truly an integral thinker that has clearly done a lot of his own work on many levels. This is reflected in his mentoring approach which balances his robust intellect with an acute intuition and compassionate disposition. He taught me many compelling energy exercises that helped put our session’s content into actionable practices that truly transform. My work with Jonathan really helped me reach new personal, professional, and spiritual levels. I am grateful for having had the opportunity to work with him.

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Jonathan Mozenter is a gift. He is a brilliant and talented Mentor who always gives more! Jonathan leads you in the discovery toward a more purposeful and joyous life. I was feeling doom and fear about stepping up and making necessary changes for my family and myself. Jonathan guided me toward what I needed with his wisdom, AlchemE tools, vast knowledge, and humorous wit. The results were miraculous! Within days, like magic I courageously stepped up with enthusiasm taking new leaps forward reveling in it! If you are looking for an extraordinary, life-changing experience, this is it!

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I am truly grateful to have had the opportunity to experience working with Jonathan. I now feel more connected to my higher self, more aligned with my purpose, and more at peace with the world around me. The positive changes I experienced since working with Jonathan are truly remarkable, he uses a combination of different modalities that have empowered me to embrace a life filled with love, joy, and limitless possibilities.

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I enjoyed working with Jonathan so much! He is very knowledgeable of the inner workings of the mind, body, and spirit so really addressed my issues holistically. We were able to get to the heart of issues and focus in on stuck feelings and what was blocking them from healing. I felt very guided in terms of developing my ability to practice effective meditation for greater inner peace.

Jonathan’s empathy, encouragement, and joy for my growth positively affected my ability to give myself that continual energy through breath work, several mindful practices, and improve overall self-care. Approaching life and my goals now with greater tenacity and humble confidence has been a game changer. It is freeing to be able to make sound decisions, face situations with grace, and lean into discomfort to learn instead of fear.

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I consider myself incredibly lucky to have found Jonathan as my spiritual mentor. His unique approach blends multiple modalities, providing a holistic journey that expanded my understanding of reality in profound ways. Jonathan isn't just a mentor, he's a lifelong ally committed to your personal and spiritual growth. He offers actionable advice tailored to your unique path, serving as a catalyst for transformative change. In a landscape full of spiritual guides, Jonathan is a beacon of authenticity. If you're serious about deepening your spiritual journey, look no further. He has my highest recommendation.

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